Eco Action

Eco Action

If you live in, or are planning to live in, Australia, you will want to know how to live in a green and eco friendly way if you care about our Earth’s environment. Since Australia is a small country, the steps toward eco-living that you take can make a fairly large difference comparatively. The following are some easy steps you can take to live in an ecologically sound way in this country:


Use Green power

Australia has a coal burning industry that produces over 170 million tons of carbon dioxide each year. This is a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. In order to combat this trend, consider using green power companies. There are many such companies and they usually service the most populated areas of Australia – i.e. Queensland, New South Wales, and Southern Australia.

Grow Locally

Regardless of your location, you can always create a garden and grow vegetables locally. The idea of growing local also implies that you plant native plants in a garden or around a landscape. Since these plants are native to the region where you live, they will not need as much water and will attract native birds and other animals. Avoid non-native plants that are known to be invasive species.

Some other gardening ideas are to use a rainwater tank to collect water (Australia has a lot of desert land, so water is precious) for your garden or landscape and to compost kitchen refuse in order to fertilise a garden.

Reinsulate your House

Simply adding insulation to your house can help to reduce energy bills and conserve on natural resources. Consider going through your house, perhaps with a contractor, and looking into various areas with an eye to bolstering how well they are insulated.

Use Bio-Degradable Soaps and Detergents

There are increasing line of bio degradable detergents and cleansers that you can use to clean cars and boats, mop floors, wash dishes, and do anything else around the house. Using bio degradable cleaners means that the runoff the goes down the drain or seeps into your lawn after outdoor cleaning will not harm the environment.

Taking a few simple eco-friendly steps such as these can be a great way to contribute to the environmental health and well being of Australia as a country and of the planet as a whole. These steps are easy enough to take, so why not take them? They can make a difference to Australia’s ecology, and if everyone employed these and other eco-living measures, it could make a very significant impact indeed.